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This course will explore the causes behind the pincushion effect, which include misunderstanding of surveying rules and laws, and attempt to point to solutions found in case of law and common sense. No set of rules will ever be able to cover surveying situation. Even our Standards of Practice recognize that there must be room for professional judgment. The purpose of this course is to show the other side of the coin, if you will, to the boundary determination survey problem.
The objective of the course is to provide basics elements of contract law to enable the engineer or surveyors practitioner to work with legal counsel when negotiating and drafting a complex contract or negotiating and entering into a simple contract. Sample NSPE, AIA and simple contracts are provided.
This course covers not only the history of ethics, but gives guidance on all professional issues dealing with responsibility and standard of care. It provides answers to everyday problems that arise in the day to day functioning of all land surveyors. The course's in-depth coverage of ethics as it relates to those in the field and the real-life examples of ethical issues are extensively covered. In addition, the course also reviews actual court cases with the assistance of Cary J. Williams, an attorney with the law firm of Williams & Williams. His expertise helps to show the law's realistic application of ethical behavior.

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