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This course will not only develop your memory, attention, and problem solving skills, but it will also teach you how to undo the negative cognitive side-effects of our modern technologies. I’ve been writing and teaching at universities across North America about the mind, the brain, and cognition for the past fifteen years. I am continually struck by how unaware people are of the simple things they could be doing to improve their mental and emotional well-being. Heavy technology usewill lead to brain fatigue, stress, and depression … unless coping strategies are implemented. This course will give you those tools: — Exercises and techniques for developing a daily brain/body routine that works with your lifestyle; — Knowledge of the most important brain basics so that you can make healthy life choices. The course is designed to be followed as a four-week programme, five days/week. Each week is a focus module:Brain Basics,Cognitive Exhaustion,Cognitive Distraction,Attention and Memory. On each of the five module days you will watch a short, easy-to-follow video lecture in which you will either learn some of the basic concepts relevant to the week’s focus or you will be shown exercises and techniques to help you optimise with respect to that focus. You will also be encouraged to do a daily meditation — the course offers many different guided meditations for you to choose from! What People are Saying about Dr. Salay and The Course: “Seriously, this class is fantastic. … I’ve learned so much and am practicing most of the things suggested – they only take a few minutes a day. Memory, focus and productivity are improving. Anyone who is interested in learning and growing will benefit from taking this class.”

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