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This training course focus on the Organization module of the Security Culture Framework (SCF). If you do not know what the SCF is, you can check it out at (it´s free to join). Organizing your security culture program is about involving the right people in the planning and execution, and about understanding your target audience. In this training course, you will learn: What the Organization module is, How to identify the right people to your workforce, How to involve key resources, How to choose a target audience, How to analyze your target audience, By completing this training course, you will Understand how to use the different resources in your workplace to create successful security awareness programs Understand how your workplace may have different subcultures, and how these subcultures impact your security culture and awareness programs, Understand the importance of adapting your security awareness program to the needs of the audience Organizing training programs requires special skills, and creating training programs that promote lasting change on your culture is considered to be a skill for Instructional Designers (you can learn more about how to become one at the ATD website). As responsible for the security culture, you can focus on the security part of your program if you learn how to involve the right kind of resources in your planning and execution.

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